Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Another lift special! Haha. However, I’ve found that the lift down to the car park has a bigger and better mirror than the lift outside my apartment so I’ve managed to take a slightly better photo.

- Trench coat from Mango
- Dusty pink long cardigan from New Look
- White vest top from New Look
- Bootleg jeans by Levi
- Pale pink platform shoes from Carvela
- Diamante earrings from River Island
- Diamond necklace a pressie given to me by the boyf from this gorgeous jewellery shop in Worcester called Rock Lobster

I bought the trench coat about 1 month ago and I’ve worn it so much since. The beige colour seems to go with everything. It’s the perfect thickness for autumn and is waterproof when it rains. I think I’ll wear the coat during the warmer winter days with a chunky scarf and matching gloves. My boyf always sing the theme tune to 'Inspector Gadget' when I wear it!

The pale pink platforms shoes are probably my favourite shoes ever. I bought them in the sale last year and was very tempted by a pair in black too. You can have the foot straps either straight across or like a ballet shoe which is my fave. Although they’re about 5 inches high, the straps make the shoes incredible wearable as my feet are perfectly secure. They’re pretty comfy too (not without a slightly painful wearing in period though!)

ASOS have a sale on at the moment so I bought a few goodies which were delivered yesterday (I paid next day as I couldn’t wait). I’ll upload some photos soon. Typical old me bought another bleeding cardigan! But it’s so pretty so I think it’s acceptable on this occasion!


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