Friday, 17 December 2010



It's snowed again! Yesterday I was at work saying to my colleague 'Oh whatever, it's not going to snow' then suddenly huge cotton wool ball sized snow flakes flew down. And then again today. The problem is that none of the roads have been gritted around here so it's like an ice rink. Not fab.

I went to the German market in Birmingham for the first time this week with some old friends from uni and had such a fun time. I had mulled wine, a 'red sausage' (it's meant to be the best so I've been told) and some little pancakes with Nutella. It was freezing but really put me in the Christmas mood.

I wore one of my favourite eyeshadow combos using Urban Decay's Naked Pallete for my EOTD:

- Sin e/s all over the lid
- Toasted e/s on the crease
- Darkhorse e/s in the outer corner blended up to the browbone and under the eye
- Virgin e/s in the inner corner

The effect is a daytime smokey eye which goes fab with MAC's Viva Gaga lipstick and MAC's Melba blush.

I hope you're all keeping warm and have a fab weekend.


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Where Have I Been?

Hello everyone,

I've been off the radar for a few weeks recently because I've been really busy at work and that's the only place I can post blogs :( We have to prepare all the new marketing materials for the start of January so December is always busy which is rubbish! So, I thought I'd let you know what I've been up to the past couple of weeks.

I had a work Christmas meal a couple of weeks ago at a place called the Crazy Bear which is amazing. The decor is out of this world. It's very modern but almost a bit kinky but in a good way; think cream padded walls decorated with diamantes, fur and feathers, chaise longues embellished with gold and upholstered in leopard print. The loos are mirrored so you almost get lost in there and you can see straight through to the mens'! Here are some photos from the website.

We had our meal in this booth:

The lavish bar:

And one of the crazy bedrooms (we didn't stay though):

I'd booked the day after off work to do my Christmas shopping and buy my own very first Christmas tree. So, here are a couple of photos of my tree but minus a fairy because I'm still trying to find the right one:

Then, on the Saturday my mum and I went to the ballet to see Cinderella. We go most years and normally see the Nutcracker but it was Cinders turn this year. The ballet was beautiful. The direction was brilliant and the sets were amazing. I had such a good evening and it's really lovely for my mum and I to do girly things together :)

I went to my boyfriend's work ball last weekend which was in a beautiful hotel in the Cotswolds. We had a three course meal, followed by awards and then a disco so we had lots of fun. Luckily, we were staying in the hotel so we just flopped up to the room when we'd had too much booze! I wore a black lacy dress by Ghost which has an asymmetric hem in a flamenco dress style. I tried to get my boyf to take a photo when we got back to the hotel room but someone had had a bit too much 'fizzy pop' and took a crap blurry one! So here's a dodgy 'posing for the camera' shot that I took:

And then I had my boyfriend's mum' birthday lunch the following day! So, that's what I've been up to and with all that and work, it's been a bit crazy but I think December's always are!

Have you been to lots of Christmas parties? Are you ready for the big day?


Wednesday, 1 December 2010

So not a fan..

...of this:

It's a new range of body lotions by Vaseline called Sheer Infusion with Stratys-3 (yep I have no idea what that is either. It sounds like a type of cloud). The idea is the lotion sinks into the deeper layers of the skin, rather than sitting on the surface, to provide ultimate moisturisation.

So the pros are that the packaging is visually appealing in my bathroom and the texture of the lotion is light but yet enough to make your skin feel thoroughly moisturised without feeling sticky.

The huge con is that when I apply the Vitamin Burst lotion, which has a pleasant orangey scent in the bottle, the scent on my skin changes to what I can only describe as a sweaty gym kit which has been left around for a few days to fester. Not pleasant at all, especially when you have clean sheets on the bed and all you can smell is musty old sweaty damp that you find out is emanating from yourself! :(

Now, I don't know whether this is just a problem with me or perhaps it's because I wear fake tan but I've never had this problem with any other moisturiser. Rubbish.

Anyway, if you do fancy giving this a try (although I'm certainly not recommending it) then it's currently on offer in Sainos (Sainsburys) for £2.49 (save 50%).

However, I can recommend any of the moisturisers in the Vaseline Intensive Care range especially the one with cocoa butter.

I hope you're all ok and enjoying the snow. It seems the Midlands is the only place to have had about 2cm instead of the 10ft everywhere else has had! I do love how snow can make the most unattractive scene look beautifully picturesque. Here's a little photo from my work window: