Friday, 26 February 2010

6. Fire Alarms

I know fire alarms are one of the most important objects you can have in your home or workplace but they are also a fab way to develop a headache. Great if you fancy leaving work early or having a good excuse to bail out of an appointment, bad if you're trying to work and the blasted thing keeps going off for no reason.

I'm sat at work and every few seconds the fire alarm right near my desk keeps screaming at me. Never mind a fire, the sound of this alarm is enough to make me evacuate the building. At least I'm confident that my work's Health and Safety policy is in check!

This is the incriminating fire alarm in question:

Moan over!


Thursday, 25 February 2010


I thought I'd do an EOTD and share with you one of my favourite MAC eyeshadow combinations.

- Shroom E/S in inner corner
- Jest E/S all over
- Patina E/S in the crease
- Satin E/S Taupe in outer corner and under the lash line
- Black Tied E/S used wet as a liner on top and on the waterline
- L'Oreal Voluminious Mascara in Black

This look goes with anything but looks especially flattering when wearing neutral coloured clothing such as dusty pink, beige, brown and grey. I find MAC eyeshadows last really well and I don't need to touch up either.

I like to pair this eyeshadow look with Gosh Darling lipstick with MAC's Ample Pink Plushglass over the top.


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

4. Cheryl Gives Ashley The Boot

Good on Cheryl for deciding to divorce her dirt bag, cheating husband Ashley Cole. I've never been keen on Ashley, especially after the first round of alledged cheating back in 2008 and now he's put the nail in the coffin.

Why would anyone cheat on such a down to earth, gorgeous and successful woman such as Cheryl? Or come to think of it, why would anyone cheat in the first instance? It just goes to show that a lot of men are rubbish and even with a beautiful woman on their arm, they still want to go and dip their wick in another candle. I know this isn't true of all men but there have been so many tabloid stories recently about husbands doing the dirty on their wives.

I read in a magazine that Cheryl didn't want to divorce Ashley because she was scared of being on her own but it's better to be on your own than to be with someone because they're a security blanket. If Cheryl took Ashley back, he'd be getting the best of boths worlds; a loving wife who would turn a blind eye to his philanderous ways.

I'm sure Cheryl still loves Ashley but what he's done is unforgiveable and I hope he gets everything that's coming to him!


Monday, 22 February 2010

3. Pineapple Dance Studios

I love the Pineapple Dance Studios programme Sundays at 6pm on Sky1. I still haven't decided whether it's real or fake but quite frankly I don't care because it's absolutely hilarious!

My favourite person on the programme is Louie Spence. I love him! He's the campest most eccentric man you could ever imagine and he has so much energy and passion that you can't help but like him. And my word, any man who can lift their leg vertically up against their head gets my vote.

Has anyone else seen the programme? What do you think, is it for real or just a fantastic hoax?


Sunday, 21 February 2010

2. Andrew Barton Waver

Do you ever have one of those days where you stay in your pjs until the afternoon? I had one on Saturday as I was watching Bubble Dreams...(FoxyLocks) You Tube videos. I stumbled across Imogen's blog on Friday and it's fantastic. Imogen inspired me to purchase some new curling tongs/waver type device. I normally use GHDs but I find they're better for curling than doing waves and I was after a more relaxed look. After a bit of research, I decided to buy Andrew Barton Making Waves Salon Triple Barrel Waver (bit of a mouthful!) from Argos costing £19.35.

I'm not sure what to make of the waver. I wanted to acheive Mary Kate and Ashley esque waves but instead my hair looks like I've slept with plaits in overnight; a little bit school girly.

I'm going to persevere and try a few different techniques because I'm sure there's a knack to getting the waves I desire. Once I've cracked it, I'll post some photos (I've worked out how to now!) and do a proper review.

Has anyone else used this waver or have any tips on how to use it?


1. Hello

What to write on my first post. It's a bit daunting!

I've started this blog because I enjoy reading so many other beauty/make-up/hair blogs and I thought I should get in on the action. I'm also going through a bit of a crappy time so I'm looking forward to distracting myself with make-up, clothes, hair and anything else utterly girly!

Now I'm going to try and work out how to post photos....