Monday, 17 May 2010

25. Under The Sea

I'm talking about sea weed and in particular sea kelp. I learnt today that sea kelp can improve the condition of your skin, hair and nails and also aid weight loss. I don't know how I haven't heard of sea kelp before because I've heard of most herbal style concoctions/tablets that claim to aid weight loss but not this one.

I'm not overweight but my weight can fluctuate 5 pounds up and down and as I'm only 5"2 and a size 8, I can feel a big change when I'm at my "largest". I hate it when my clothes feel that bit tighter. I think I wrote on a previous post that I'm a smaller person stuck inside an obese body and sometimes my obese side gets the better of me! I'm blaming Easter as all the chocolate somehow trained my body into craving more and more. Bad times.

So, I'm at what I would call my "largest" which is 5 pounds heavier than my smallest and preferred weight. I usually cut out most snacky foods and try to eat less at work and for dinner. Combining this with my normal gym routine usually sorts my few weeks of reckless eating out.

Now I've read a lot on the internet about sea kelp; some people swear by it, some people claim nothing happens, some people experience side effects such as tummy upsets so I'm going to try it out and see if anything happens! I'm planning on taking the tablets for 1 month from today and after that, I'll let you know my thoughts and hopefully results.

I'm not taking sea kelp purely for the supposed weight loss effects but my hair is fine and my nails always seem to split so I'm interested to see if there are any improvements on this front.

Have you taken sea kelp? Do you have any thoughts on it's effects?


P.S Tablet number one taken and it smells like the sea. Pleasant!

Monday, 10 May 2010

24. MAC Soba Eyeshadow

I'm completely addicted to eyeshadows. Brown eyeshadows in particular. Any colour, any tone, nearly any finish (I can't stand matt) but as long as it's brown, I'm happy. I do wear other colours but 9/10 times there will be brown present.

My favourite brown eyeshadow of all time is MAC's Patina (Frost). It's a gorgeous cool shade which I use pretty much everyday. Anyway I digress, I am getting somewhere I promise! I picked up MAC Soba the other day as I fancied a muted, pale brown shade to wear either all over the lid or on 2/3. The eyeshadow has great reviews on Make-Up Alley so what do I think?

The first photo is of the pan and I would say the colour is spot on in this shot.

Here's Soba on 2/3 of my lid with Mulch on the outer 1/3. (Apologies this is a crap photo but I did a 10k race yesterday morning and this was taken after. Yes, I do exercise in make-up but it was a very neutral look in my defence!)

I heart Soba lots and lots. It's a Satin so has a sheen with a very small amount of shimmer which makes it perfect for an everyday neutral look. The colour goes on brilliantly and lasts well. I have hazel eyes and Soba is understated enough to show off the true colour of my eyes without being overpowering.

I would definitely recommend Soba to any hazel eyed lovelies.


Sunday, 9 May 2010

23. Review: Barry M Palest Lavender (129)

Yes I know you've all seen and heard about this lip paint before but I finally decided to jump on the Lavender Whip dupe bandwagon. The reason behind this is my previous post on OPI's Panda-monium Pink nail polish which I love so much and I'm constantly wearing it so I felt I needed a lipstick to match!

I popped into Boots at the weekend to pick up a couple of things and ended up with heaps more than required, as you do....anyway I was walking past the Barry M stand and Palest Lavender caught my eye because it matches my nails perfectly. Amazing.

I find the texture of Palest Lavender much more creamy and moisturising compared to Marshmellow (101) which is rather drying. The colour lasts well and looks good with or without lip gloss (because of the reduced drying out your lips factor). For £4.25, you really can't go wrong with this lipstick and it's a lovely summery bright colour.


22. Review: OPI Panda-monium Pink

Whilst in Sallys last week, I was perusing the OPI stand and came across Panda-monium Pink from the Hong Kong collection.

I love anything remotely pink but what I like about the colour most is that it's pinky lilac so it's bit different. The colour reminds me of Mod About You but it's slightly darker. And the best thing is that the polish cost me just under £5 :)

Verdict from the Chip Police: After 2 days, a small chip was noted on the middle finger but otherwise, no chips to report 4 days on.

I love pastel polishes, especially now the weather's starting to warm up. Which ones are your favourites? The new Barry M collection seems popular at the moment.