Tuesday, 22 June 2010

I Love Cheryl

Ok so I love Cheryl, standard, who doesn't? And I had to show you this photo I found today on the Daily Mail website of Cheryl wearing the most amazing Christian Louboutin heels called Bikiki from the Fall/Winter 2011 collection. They are gorgeous and they should be for £730!

What do you think?


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

30. REN Eye Cream

I used to be a beauty therapist and the general rule was to advise clients to starting using an eye cream when they hit 25 years old. But I've been using an eye cream since I was about 20 as I believe in starting young and preventing wrinkles as much as possible.

I always go for wrinkle prevention creams, basically ones that are designed at the 40+ because I find they're more effective and I like the tight feeling around my eyes. That feeling makes me think the eye cream is actually doing something!

I always used to use Clarins Extra Firming Eye Contour Serum which gave the tightening effect but a couple of years ago they changed the formula and now it does absolutely nothing for me. After lots of research and Googling, I decided to try a REN eye cream that my friend recommended.

This eye cream has the longest name; REN Lipovector Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream. The cream claims to "...help reduce expression lines and crows feet around the eye area whilst firming and lifting the eye contour." Sounds perfect. So what do I think? I like the cream, yes just like; it feels moisturising but not greasy but I don't get the taught feeling I love :( I'm a little disappointed but I do still believe this eye cream is a great moisturiser for the eye area which is after all what keeps wrinkles at bay. I bought this from Space NK and the cost was fairly reasonable at £25 considering a lot of eye creams can be around £40.

Do you use any amazing eye creams or serums that really feel like they're doing something?


Monday, 14 June 2010

29. Nail Polish Rave

I'm a big fan of Revlon nail polishes because:

- the polish is so easy to apply as it's thin but still gives good coverage
- the brush allows for accurate application
- my nails stay chip proof for around 4 days (record breaking with my nails)
- they don't cost the earth
- they don't go thick and gloopy
My current fave is Tropical Temptation as modelled below:

With a name like that, I had to have it! The colour is slightly pinkier in real life but it's such a bright, summery shade. I would describe the colour as a pinky coral as opposed to an orangier coral. I've been wearing this for 4 days already and I've only had to touch up a few minor chips and I've been cleaning and washing up.

There are so many gorgeous summery shades of polish around at the moment that I'd like to try. I think summer allows for much prettier shades than winter.

What are your current favourite nail polishes?


Saturday, 12 June 2010

28. New Hair

I've been thinking for a while about getting my hair cut shorter. My first inspiration was Lollipop26 when she decided to go for the chop to grow luscious, damage-free locks back and then We Are Glitter went for the chop too! I thought their hair looked gorgeous. So since then, I've been umming and arring about what to do. I decided a couple of weeks that I was sick of my split ends and general dryness of my hair and I was so fed up with trying to get a comb through it after washing.

I had a hair appointment for a full head and cut so I was brave and went for the chop. The result?

I love my hair again! Apologies for the photo. I look like a rabbit in headlights. My hair feels soft, is split end free and I can mess it up and get some real volume (not shown in this photo!). My hairdresser cut long layers to give body but so it's not too short when tying up. She then cut in a shorter side fringe as my fringe had totally grown out which adds a bit more interest to my previous rather ordinary mane.

My boyfriend likes my hair now because he can actually get his hands through it instead of me very unromantically screeching in pain from the knots! And it doesn't take quite a long to dry so he doesn't have to put up with the sound of my hairdryer for quite as long!

One thing I'm struggling with though is new hairstyles. Do any of you have any tips for easy up dos for shorter hair?


27. In and Out

I've seen a few people do In and Out blogs so here's a round-up of my current thoughts:


This has to be the best lip balm going, especially the strawberry scented version. Carmex actually moisturises your lips (unlike other products such as Vaseline which just sit on your lips) and you can feel the effects for ages afterwards. It contains menthol so when you apply, it makes your lips feel tingly. I'm sure menthol is meant to make your lips look fuller too. Always a bonus! And it contains SPF 15 :)

MAC Dazzleglass

My friend went to Dubai and brought me back Baby Sparks. The MAC website describe it as "pale pink with violet pearl". It looks great on it's own or over lippie and really makes your lips sparkle. I love the vanilla smell too and the brush applicator. I find the brush is better than the spongey one.

World Cup
It's the first England match tonight and I expect the whole of the county to be glued to the TV with a hot dog in one hand and a beer/glass of wine in another. I like that the World Cup brings unity to the country and for once, we all want the same thing (England to win of course!).

Glaceau Vitamin Water

Image from www.vitaminwater.co.uk

These are expensive, around £1.70 per bottle but they taste amazing. The idea behind the range is that there are several different flavours with different vitamins, minerals and good stuff to help you through your day. The waters have different names such as Defence (my fave), Revive, Energy and Power-C and then a description about what they do. Do they work? Well I don't know but I like them for a treat every now and then and it beats just drinking water all the time.

Baptise Dry Shampoo - Gold Shimmer

The photo above shows the amount of shimmer involved. I'm talking a whole pot of glitter not a subtle shimmer. I saw this in Boots last week and as they didn't have my usual Blush one, I thought I'd try this out. Warning: don't buy this unless you wish to acheive a gold glitter dandruff look! Not good. And then I didn't think about the fact that everytime I use this, my friends will know I've been too lazy to wash my hair. I'll stick to the Blush or Tropical one next time!

England Car Flags

Ok call me a snob but I find these flags so tacky. I feel like walking up to the car in question and snapping them off. Yes we're in England, yes we're all supporting them in the World Cup but please don't offend my eyes with this rubbish.

Lack Of Sofa and Mess
I've just moved out of home after living at the same house for all 25 years of my life into my very own "home". Or at least it will be a home soon but at the moment all I have is a king size bed (this is luxury after having a single bed), a TV and a borrowed big bean bag in which to try and relax. Although I think it's lost some of it's balls:( I'm saving up for a sofa which I hope will make a bit of difference and hopefully some sort of storage units so I don't have to rummage around numerous bags and boxes to find stuff!

That's it for the time being! My boyfriend's just bought a motorbike so I'm going to go and ooh and aww over it.


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

26. Under The Sea - Update

Sorry I've been so rubbish with updating my blog. I've just completed on my first property so it's all hands on arranging carpet fitting, flooring and buying beds and other housey type items. I'm trying not to turn into one of those boring people that blarr on all the time about house stuff so this blog is strictly forbidden with any talk of that!

I wanted to write an update on the sea kelp tablets, incase anyone is interested (serious lack of comments on my previous post so I hope this isn't boring?!). Anyway, weight loss wise I haven't noticed any drastic results and to be honest I haven't seen any improvements in the condition of my hair or nails. But I was talking to my friend who said that you have to wait around 6 weeks to see any results so we'll see. And the tablets only cost about £1.50 for 90 (300mg in strength) so they're not breaking the bank.

I have a couple of blog entries I'd like to write about so I just need to set aside some time! I will be better at updating in the coming weeks.