Friday, 23 April 2010

21. OOTD

This outfit is similar to my previous OOTD but I love pink so much so I wanted to share this delight with you. Also, I liked my hair. I was looking to do tousled waves sorty of styley.

Blazer - New Look (same as the beige - I'm a creature of habit)
Top - New Look bargain
Jeans - Tommy Hilfiger
Boots - Steve Madden

I trust you're all enjoying this gorgeous sunshine which I hope is a taster of a hot hot summer!


Monday, 19 April 2010

20. Ripe Peach - Fact or Fiction?

Did MAC just make up Ripe Peach Blush Ombre to get us all to lust after it, only to find it sold out in minutes? (OK, I made up it sold in minutes but I wouldn't be surprised if it did!).

I'm interested to know if anyone managed to get their hands on said "Ripe Peach", if it even exists humph. If so, please could you show a swatch of it? I'm curious to see what the blush looks like on and see if I can find a sneaky dupe. I was in NYC at the time and NONE of the stores even had a tester :(

Answers on a postcard please!


19. OOTD

Here's a little post on my OOTD which is fast becoming one of my favourites as it's a comfortable and casual look but with a hint of smart making it suitable for the office. Apologies for the dodgy "I'm taking a photo of myself with my phone" shot. How embarassing...

Blazer - New Look (or Neaveau Regarde as my friend and I like to call it!)
Vest Top - New Look
Jeans - Topshop Baxter (anyone else find these are really tight on first wear?)
Boots - My fave cowboys from Steve Madden

I teamed this with my cream Marc by Marc Jacobs Aidan bag and some oversized Bvlgari sunglasses. It just goes to show that you can wear high street, glam it up with a good bag and sunnies and fool everyone into thinking your outfit costs a fortune.

Now, where's the sun gone?!


Saturday, 10 April 2010

18. Hair Extensions

My friend, CinderellaGirl30, asked me to blog on what I do with my hair extensions ages ago but it's difficult to show what I do without starting with a new set....all will become clear.

I use American Dream 18" extensions in colour 18/22 and they come as a 12" wide weft. I buy mine from Sallys. Here is one weft, as it comes although I always use two wefts.

I don't like having lots of clips in my hair because I get paranoid they're going to come undone or slip down. To combat this, I sew the two wefts together so the extensions are thicker and this also minimises the need for lots of clips. But as the wefts are so wide, I have to do a bit of Blue Petering to get them to fit properly.

What I do is cut the two wefts so I have two extensions about 5 inches in width and two about 7 inches in width. The narrower extensions are on the left and the wider ones on the right.

Then, I remove the clips using some scissors and sew the two wefts together so the extensions are thicker (two wefts thick). I then sew the clips back on so the shorter weft has 3 clips and the wider one has 4 clips. Finished product....

I think it's a bit silly how wide the wefts come because unless you have an unfeasibly large head, they're never going to fit or you end up with clips round your ears! It is a pain having to cut and sew but it's worth it.

I've just re-purchased my extensions (new ones shown above) as my old ones had gone rather scraggy and dry. I wash them every 3 weeks, depending on how often I wear them. Bubble Dreams/Foxy Locks Extensions has a great hair extension washing and caring video on her YouTube site

If you buy your extensions from Sallys, you may be interested to know that they currently have a buy 2 get 1 free offer on all American Dream hair extensions as they're phasing them out.

Which make of extensions do you think is the best? I'd love to try different makes especially as it seems American Dream ones will be difficult to get hold of soon!


Friday, 9 April 2010

17. Hair Timeline

I thought I'd do a hair timeline as I've seen a few other people do this on their blogs and I enjoy looking at them.

I'm nearly a year old here with fairly dark hair and Petsi my teddy who I still cuddle in bed now!

Sporting a sexy bowl cut here aged 4.

By aged 6 I had a bit more style and decided to try out a bob and side parting complete with full face of make-up....yeh ok it's face paint!

I decided I wanted long blonde hair aged 8.

By aged 10, my blonde hair started to darken :(

I first had highlights when I was 12 and from then on I had full on blondearama for a few years. Here I am aged 18, competing with Barbie on the blondeness.

Then I decided to go brunette for a change and there may have been a bit of influence from Cheryl Cole!

I kept this for about 5 months but decided brunette wasn't for me so after a full head of blonde highlights my hair looked better already.

After a second visit to the hairdressers my hair was starting to get back to blonde!

Nearly there but not quite the blonde goddess I wanted to be. I actually quite like this colour.

And now to today.

My hair is a darker blonde now then when I was previously blonde because I think it looks a bit more grown up(and the roots aren't as bad). I like having a few different colours running through my hair to break up the blonde. I get it cut and coloured every 8 weeks and try not to straighten too much! I've actually found a new way of doing my hair that uses hardly any heat so I'll do a post about that when I next do it.

Have you had any hair disasters or experimented with changing colours? Who are your hair heroes? My friend and I are forever e-mailing photos of celebrity hair we love to each other!


16. Chocolate Pistachio Cake

I love cooking and predominately baking. If cakes and biscuits weren't so horrendously calorific, I'd make them all the time! However, I will freely admit that I'm an obese person stuck inside a smaller person's body and if I had absolutely no self control, I'd not only be the size of a house but probably a small village!

Easter Sunday was an exception though and I wanted to show you the Chocolate Pistachio Cake which I made for desert. The recipe was from a Waitrose magazine which even tells you how many calories you're devouring - as if you'd even dare look!

The cake consisted of layers of double chocolate loaf with a light white chocolate and pistachio mousse sandwiched between and then the whole thing was covered with a smooth chocolate ganache and topped with chopped pistachio nuts.

Are any of you baking queens? What are your favourite goodies to whip up?

I'm off to the gym now because I've eaten one Easter egg and a little Lindt bunny already today. I can feel my thighs moaning that I'm eating crap! Oops.