Saturday, 10 April 2010

18. Hair Extensions

My friend, CinderellaGirl30, asked me to blog on what I do with my hair extensions ages ago but it's difficult to show what I do without starting with a new set....all will become clear.

I use American Dream 18" extensions in colour 18/22 and they come as a 12" wide weft. I buy mine from Sallys. Here is one weft, as it comes although I always use two wefts.

I don't like having lots of clips in my hair because I get paranoid they're going to come undone or slip down. To combat this, I sew the two wefts together so the extensions are thicker and this also minimises the need for lots of clips. But as the wefts are so wide, I have to do a bit of Blue Petering to get them to fit properly.

What I do is cut the two wefts so I have two extensions about 5 inches in width and two about 7 inches in width. The narrower extensions are on the left and the wider ones on the right.

Then, I remove the clips using some scissors and sew the two wefts together so the extensions are thicker (two wefts thick). I then sew the clips back on so the shorter weft has 3 clips and the wider one has 4 clips. Finished product....

I think it's a bit silly how wide the wefts come because unless you have an unfeasibly large head, they're never going to fit or you end up with clips round your ears! It is a pain having to cut and sew but it's worth it.

I've just re-purchased my extensions (new ones shown above) as my old ones had gone rather scraggy and dry. I wash them every 3 weeks, depending on how often I wear them. Bubble Dreams/Foxy Locks Extensions has a great hair extension washing and caring video on her YouTube site

If you buy your extensions from Sallys, you may be interested to know that they currently have a buy 2 get 1 free offer on all American Dream hair extensions as they're phasing them out.

Which make of extensions do you think is the best? I'd love to try different makes especially as it seems American Dream ones will be difficult to get hold of soon!



  1. hi hun!
    YOur post really helped me with my hair extensions! I've been thinking for a while to sow the two wefts together,and i'm definitely gonna do it! :) it will speed up the process!!

    About Harmony I'll give u a proper review through ur e-mail address if u want, with pictures & everything. because I don't think I'm gonna post it on my blog.

  2. That's great, I'm glad my blog helped someone!

    Ooh yes please I'd love that! My e-mail address is Thank you :) xx


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