Sunday, 15 August 2010

Leg Envy

I have massive leg envy right now for a Victoria's Secret model called Candace Swanepoel. I saw some photos of her modelling at the launch of the Incredible Bra and thought, "I wish I had those legs!".

Here are some photos taken from

Ok so she's around 5ft 9" and I'm only 5ft 1.5" which means having legs like these is pretty much impossible but I can only wish.

Do you have any body part envy? That sounds strange doesn't it? But I mean a part of someone's body you would love to have if you could have your 'ideal' body?


Saturday, 14 August 2010

Fake Tan Crisis!

Apologies for being AWOL recently. I've been crazy busy at work and then my boyfriend and I went away to Devon last week so I haven't managed to find the time to blog. Also, there's a serious lack of beauty/hair purchases being made recently - an impromptu visit to Ikea wiped my bank balance out!

So onto something a bit more pressing - a fake tan crisis. As I've been away for a week, unfortunately not somewhere hot and sunny this year as moving out has cost the earth in which case I wouldn't be having this problem, my fake tan has been gradually disappearing. I didn't think it social etiquette to leave the hotel sheets with dodgy tan marks so my Fake Bake applications have been banished all week. Cue patchy tan which resembles a skin disease.

*WARNING* very dodgy and pretty rank fake tan fading shots:

My tan is so patchy around my neck :(

This is my foot. It's awful!

Yuk. I'm sure you've all had the same problem but I just couldn't face scrubbing the whole thing off and spending the week looking like a milk bottle. I haven't been seen without fake tan for years and I'm not making a habit of doing it now! I feel so much more attractive and confident when I have a bit of colour.

Anyway, this isn't the whole problem. I stupidly forgot to order some more Fake Bake so I don't have a back up bottle. I usually order two so I don't get caught short but my system has failed. I've just ordered some but it won't arrive until Tuesday at the earliest! Disaster.

I've looked up spray tans, Mystic Tan in particular which my local tanning salon offers, but I've read reviews of people being sick from inhaling the fumes. My god, are spray tans really that dangerous? Upon further reading, I've found out that DHA (the main tanning ingredient) is approved by the FDA when it's in lotions but not necessarily when it's in spray tan form due to the risk of inhalation. Something to be think about. So I've scrapped the spray tan idea.

I don't fancy buying a cheap fake tan to tide me over as I only trust Fake Bake and I do have a wash off tan but this isn't great when you're at the gym! So, I'm thinking about buying a cheapish gradual moisturising tanner. Do you have any favourites? Any faithful friends? I'm looking for a fairly deep colour tan without streaks!

I hope you don't think I'm a massive scrubber. I'm normally pretty vigilant with the tanning. I need help!