Saturday, 5 November 2011

Friday, 4 November 2011

Kelly Hoppen Is My Idol!

Kelly Hoppen is a British interior designer who designs for the rich and famous, exclusive hotels and restaurants and even yachts!

Kelly's style is neutral and muted and she's known for being the Queen of Taupe. Followers of hers on Twitter are called 'Taupettes'!

For the past few weeks Channel 5 have been showing her TV series, Kelly Hoppen Superior Interiors and I've absolutely loved every room. This has lead to a slight obsession, ok full blown huge obsession, with saving photos of Kelly's designs to make a mood board for my living room.

Here are some of Kelly's designs:


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Forever 21

A few months ago I finally stepped into a Forever 21 store for the first time. I’d read a lot about the store on Laura/Lollipop26’s blog so was really looking forward to my visit.

I went to the store in Oxford Circus which was huge! The floors are laid out by style and colour which I really like because that’s how I organise my wardrobe.

There’s a preppy section with checked shirts, soft cotton zipped up hoodies adorned with numbers, denim and cute blazers. A girly section which looks like a carpet of pale pink and cream dresses and pretty tops. A floral section with summery floaty tops, maxis and skirts. There’s also an accessories section filled with extremely reasonably priced jewellery, shoes and handbags.

This is what surprised me about Forever 21. The price. All the items are so well priced but they don’t look cheap at all. The clever shop layout fools you into thinking the clothes will be more Mango priced but they’re actually H&M/ New Look prices.

I picked up two cute necklaces which £1.50 or thereabouts!

If you’re walking past a Forever 21 store, I would definitely recommend venturing in. You’re sure to find something you love that doesn’t look like all the other high street clothes and the carrier bags are hot pink coloured!


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Winter Warmers

I popped into New Look the other week for a mooch and was pleasantly surprised by their A/W 2011 range. The range consists of gorgeous maroon, tan, green and royal blue colours mixed different textures such as fur, 'silk' and rich cotton to give a warm and cosy look to the clothes.

I have a mild obsession with clothing that is either furry or adorned with feathers. I have no idea why. Perhaps I was a bird or a rabbit in a previous life! So, no wonder I was automatically drawn to this grey furry gilet (£34.99).

I also picked up some cute brown shoe boots which are surprisingly comfy given their height. They were originally £27.99 but had £10 off so were a bargainous £17.99. The 'leather' looks pretty authentic and the heel is sturdy. They look great with super skinnies.

I'm planning another New Look visit this week! #justbeenpaid


Friday, 30 September 2011

Put Some Welly In It!

Since I’ve had Mollie, I’ve been taking her for walks everyday and just wearing trainers/ CAT boots. However, as the weather will soon be starting to turn autumnal and wet, I decided to purchase some new wellies in prepartion for the mud. Although, given the current boiling hot weather, neither autumn or winter look close!

Wellies are boring really. They’re a necessity so I decided to stray away from safe green and be a bit more adventurous!

I chose a pair of Hunter Original Gloss Wellies in Candy Pink:

I love them so much! They’re really comfy and match my snowboarding jacket:

They retail at around £75 on the Hunter website but if you shop around, you can get them for about £50. I bought them from Amazon for £49.99 with free super saver delivery.

Now I just need it to snow!


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Oh hi!


I'm not going to make any excuses for my long departure - I didn't realise my last post was April! I just haven't been in the mood to blog of late but I've been thinking about getting back into the swing of it for a while now so here I am!

I'm not going to make any promises about blogging everyday etc but I'm now going to blog a) when I'd like to and b) when I have something worthwhile blogging about! I started the blog for fun and that's what it should be about!

So, here's a little roundup of what I've been up to in the form of photos to save endless typing and lots of yawning from any followers who may have choosen to read what could only be described as a rather long essay:

28 mile bikeathon in aid of Leukaemia Lymphoma and Research

Trip to France in a portable villa...ok, ok it's a static caravan which was...interesting. Defo not my sort of thing.

My new puppy Mollie the Maltese who I adore! She doesn't normally sport the silly bow. I put it on to see how cute she'd look. She took it off very shortly afterwards.

Hen do in London for one of my best friends - shopping, afternoon tea, Legally Blonde and brunch at Ottelenghi

Weddings, weddings....

Being a bridesmaid


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

OMG I love Mollie's hair

I've been moaning on about my hair for ages driving anyone who will listen insane. I had my long hair cut to just above shoulder length last May and I really loved my shorter, thicker and healthier hair but recently, I've been longing for longer locks again. I've cut my hair extensions in as best I can but I can't wear them straight as the differennce in the lengths is still too great.

I love Mollie from The Saturdays and I've always loved her long hair which probably contributed to the 'I hate my hair' campaign of late. So, imagine my surprise when I saw some new photos of her with shoulder length hair i.e. just like mine!

This shorter style really suits her and has made me like my hair again. Mollie was obviously copying me.....haha!

Do you like Mollie's new hair style? Have you ever had the chop and regretted it afterwards?