Friday, 30 September 2011

Put Some Welly In It!

Since I’ve had Mollie, I’ve been taking her for walks everyday and just wearing trainers/ CAT boots. However, as the weather will soon be starting to turn autumnal and wet, I decided to purchase some new wellies in prepartion for the mud. Although, given the current boiling hot weather, neither autumn or winter look close!

Wellies are boring really. They’re a necessity so I decided to stray away from safe green and be a bit more adventurous!

I chose a pair of Hunter Original Gloss Wellies in Candy Pink:

I love them so much! They’re really comfy and match my snowboarding jacket:

They retail at around £75 on the Hunter website but if you shop around, you can get them for about £50. I bought them from Amazon for £49.99 with free super saver delivery.

Now I just need it to snow!


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