Wednesday, 13 April 2011

OMG I love Mollie's hair

I've been moaning on about my hair for ages driving anyone who will listen insane. I had my long hair cut to just above shoulder length last May and I really loved my shorter, thicker and healthier hair but recently, I've been longing for longer locks again. I've cut my hair extensions in as best I can but I can't wear them straight as the differennce in the lengths is still too great.

I love Mollie from The Saturdays and I've always loved her long hair which probably contributed to the 'I hate my hair' campaign of late. So, imagine my surprise when I saw some new photos of her with shoulder length hair i.e. just like mine!

This shorter style really suits her and has made me like my hair again. Mollie was obviously copying me.....haha!

Do you like Mollie's new hair style? Have you ever had the chop and regretted it afterwards?


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