Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Has Kate Middleton had surgery?

Whilst perusing the Daily Mail website today (one of my favourite haunts) I saw an article about our soon to be new Royal, Kate Middleton. I have no idea what the article was about, probably something incredibly exciting such as 'Kate ladders her tights' or 'Kate pops to little Tescos in her Louboutins' but what struck me was Kate's face. I swear she's had some work done, definitely Botox in her forehead.

Kate laughing - no sign of an expression there.

Kate smiling - still no expression in the forehead or around the eyes

Kate cheering - nope. Nothing. Nada

Don't get me wrong, I really like Kate. She seems like a very amiable person but I do worry that she's getting too caught up in feeling the need to look 'perfect' now she's in the limelight so often. I mean, I'm one to talk. I don't leave the house without at least mascara, bronzer and Touche Eclat on and I don't have the paps to contend with!

What do you think? Do you think our Royal has had a bit of help?

On another note, I'm really looking forward to the Royal wedding on 29th April and I can't wait to see her dress!



  1. Funny, I was just mentioning it to my friend at dinner tonight. She has definitely had some work done. She looks "glamourised" and very Hollywood. Strange how the famous these days all look sort of the same! I wish we could go back to the old days when everyone had their own individual look. This sends such the wrong message to women. What is wrong with aging? Elizabeth Taylor looked amazing in her 30s - even when she put on a lot of weight. As women, is our age and how we look everything? Sigh.

  2. She's had a nose job...

  3. I totally agree. There is so much pressure nowadays for everyone to look a certain way. Whether you're famous or not, perfect hair, teeth, skin and bodies are things we should all aspire to. It's a shame but I find myself being sucked in too!!

  4. She is going to spend her whole life living it for others. I mean i don't know the chick personally but she comes across as the sort of person who would alter her physical appearance or spend her life trying to please others. It makes me wonder about her as a person. Does she have her own identity or will she be tailing William like a puppy for the rest of her life. Does she see him as being more superior than she is? I mean the girl spent her entire young adult life, wanting to become a princess. She said it and she and her mom chose that University because of William. It was all planned out by her mother. So you see, the focus has been on William rather than on her as a person and having the other person. It is important to have the other person meet you halfway because you are an individual too and knowing that his person wants to be with you just as much as you want to be with them, speaking in general. In the end, this whole princess thing is all an illusion, once the honeymoon phase is over, she will know what it all entails and then reality will hit.

  5. I think she has definitely had it between her brows but not all over as she hasn't got that arched look. She has her teeth improved too. No veneers but def some straightening and whitening. I guess she's also had plenty of hi tech skin treatments. These things combined give a much more polished look. Let's face it, she has the best beauty professionals at her finger tips now.


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