Friday, 9 April 2010

17. Hair Timeline

I thought I'd do a hair timeline as I've seen a few other people do this on their blogs and I enjoy looking at them.

I'm nearly a year old here with fairly dark hair and Petsi my teddy who I still cuddle in bed now!

Sporting a sexy bowl cut here aged 4.

By aged 6 I had a bit more style and decided to try out a bob and side parting complete with full face of make-up....yeh ok it's face paint!

I decided I wanted long blonde hair aged 8.

By aged 10, my blonde hair started to darken :(

I first had highlights when I was 12 and from then on I had full on blondearama for a few years. Here I am aged 18, competing with Barbie on the blondeness.

Then I decided to go brunette for a change and there may have been a bit of influence from Cheryl Cole!

I kept this for about 5 months but decided brunette wasn't for me so after a full head of blonde highlights my hair looked better already.

After a second visit to the hairdressers my hair was starting to get back to blonde!

Nearly there but not quite the blonde goddess I wanted to be. I actually quite like this colour.

And now to today.

My hair is a darker blonde now then when I was previously blonde because I think it looks a bit more grown up(and the roots aren't as bad). I like having a few different colours running through my hair to break up the blonde. I get it cut and coloured every 8 weeks and try not to straighten too much! I've actually found a new way of doing my hair that uses hardly any heat so I'll do a post about that when I next do it.

Have you had any hair disasters or experimented with changing colours? Who are your hair heroes? My friend and I are forever e-mailing photos of celebrity hair we love to each other!



  1. This is so bizarre, all of our childhood hair style are exactly the same, as in if i looked at pictures of me :)
    Especially the classic bob!!!

  2. Your hair's always been beautiful, and you are stunning! Please come follow my blog? xx

  3. I love this hair time line and you have barely changed!!!I also send celeb hair pictures to my best friend ;-)


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