Monday, 22 February 2010

3. Pineapple Dance Studios

I love the Pineapple Dance Studios programme Sundays at 6pm on Sky1. I still haven't decided whether it's real or fake but quite frankly I don't care because it's absolutely hilarious!

My favourite person on the programme is Louie Spence. I love him! He's the campest most eccentric man you could ever imagine and he has so much energy and passion that you can't help but like him. And my word, any man who can lift their leg vertically up against their head gets my vote.

Has anyone else seen the programme? What do you think, is it for real or just a fantastic hoax?



  1. Welcome to the world of blogging!

  2. I watch it too! my friend is working in Pinapple!, and she said everything is real but they like exaggerate everything!

  3. @patukii - How cool! I'd love to work with Louis. At least I know it IS real, well kind of! x

  4. I first saw clips of it on Harry Hill's TV Burp. I assumed he was cherry picking stuff and taking it out of context to make it look funnier, but OMFG it is even better than the snippets you see on TV Burp.

    Louie is amazing, you'd think the overly camp guy is a washed out genre but he takes it to a whole new level. He reminds me of a guy a used to work with (only he couldn't dance like that).

    Andrew is clearly meant to be hateable (I wouldn't be surprised if he's putting it on), he's so self-obsessed it's genius.

    It probably just is reality but exaggerated, could be a massive hoax, but again who cares in the end - it's hilarious. Just waiting for this show to storm the world - i'm in Australia and get it over the net so I'm gradually introducing it to people here.


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