Friday, 5 November 2010


I'm so obessed with pink nail polish and I was on a big mish last weekend to find a really bright Barbie pink polish. My inspiration came in the form of Jessica from 'The Only Way Is Essex.' If you haven't seen it, then you're missing out on possibly the worse acting ever seen but at the same time a wholly addictive piece of televisual broadcasting. If you have seen it, then I'm guessing you either love or hate? Anyway, I love trashy TV so this is right up my street!

This is Jessica who often wears the loveliest pink nail polish:

You can kind of see the colour here:

Both the photos are from The Only Way Is Essex website,

And here is my pink polish, Urban Princess by Rimmel which was in offer in Boots too so only cost around £3.50. I love the bright pink colour so much and the polish has lasted brilliantly - about 4 days completely chip free.

Have you seen any of The Only Way Is Essex? What do you think?


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