Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Saturdays

I’ve always been a fan of The Saturdays and even more so since watching their documentary series on ITV2 recently. Yes they’re manufactured but they seem to be the best of friends as well as band mates. I like that. And they have such cute dogs! I absolutely love their new song Higher – you can hear the song on The Saturdays official YouTube site

Here they are incase you have no idea what on earth I’m talking about (photo from Celebrity Rush website:

After a straw poll in the office, I’ve concluded that the Frankie is the boys’ favourite (far right) and Mollie is the girls’ favourite (second from the left). I think the boys basically just want to have fun with Frankie and the girls love how girlie Mollie is.

I’m very open about being a huge fan of Girls Aloud and loving The Saturdays and why not?! Recently, I think it’s become a lot more acceptable for 20-somethings to like girl bands. And let’s be honest, most of the members in said bands are more my age than the tweenies they’re targeting so I can relate to them more in terms of clothing, make up, hair and boyfriends. Who hasn’t admired Cheryl’s sense of style (or stylist haha!)?

So, what do you think of The Saturdays? Do you have a favourite? What do you think of their new single?



  1. I think they're fab! Ive watched a few episodes, and theyre just like normal girls! I love that about them! I think Frankie is a bit annoying but i see why the boys love her! Mollie is gorge, reminds me of sienna tho!
    Love that pic of them, especially mollies dress :)
    Lil xx

  2. Yeh Frankie doesn't seem to come across that intelligent at times! Mollie definitely has the Sienna look about her. I agree.

  3. i like molly..she seems so sweet and friendly :)

  4. I just love all of them! Bit sad really..!! Frankie constantly makes me want to cut all my hair off whilst Mollie gives me the urge to go blonde...can't win! xx

  5. @ Georgina. I think Frankie looks so much better with shorter hair than longer hair. Maybe you should see what your hairdresser thinks next time you go in. You may end up with Frankie's hair and Mollie's colour! xx


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