Friday, 3 September 2010

Having a bit of 'work' done

It seems nowadays most celebrities have a little bit of 'work' done. I'm talking about cosmetic procedures. Whether this be botox and fillers or boob jobs and lipo, they all seem to be having something. This got me thinking about cosmetic procedures and the lengths people go for 'perfection.'

Take Heidi Pratt nee Montag from The Hills. Heidi has clearly had a lot of surgery and she's admitted to having something like 13 procedures in one go. But now she seems to be regretting her decision to go under the knife and having such drastic changes. It's such a shame because I thought she looked lovely before.

Katie Price aka Jordan is famous for having a whopping massive boob job (I've lost count of how many she's had now) but she's also had a nose job, liposuction, botox, fillers....the list goes on but I think she looks awful. This is clearly taking things too far.

What surgery is acceptable in society?

Jenny Frost from Atomic Kitten had a boob job after having a child. I think she looks fab and very natural.

Cheryl Cole famously had her teeth fixed (and I reckon she's had botox and fillers - especially in her cheeks) and she looks amazing.

So, why do some celebs take it that bit too far? Do you think they have distorted self image? What do you think are acceptable cosmetic procedures? Is a bit of botox ok or should we age gracefully?



  1. I felt so sorry for Hiedi when I saw the after pictures she was so beautiful before and the surgeries have aged her.. The first thing that popped into my head was that she looked like a female Michael Jackson. I think it's ok if you're making one or two slight changes to your appearance to fix a fault that's lowering your confidence but all in moderation. Jenny Frost's boob job looks natural and fits her frame where as Katie's and Hiedi's look ridiculous and cheapen their image in my opinion! xx

  2. I personally don't think a bitta botox or going one or two cup sizes up in the boobage area is anything to be frowned upon- whatever makes a gal confident right!
    But it's when people get seriously addicted and it starts affecting their health (physically and mentally) that it's rather scary and disturbing!!!! Especially when they had nothing wrong with them in the first place- Heidi looks terrible :(

  3. Heidi does look terrible, I think they are all insecure because there always in the limelight but a little bit of something is OK as long as you realise it wont change your life. I think Jenny's boob job looks very natural!

  4. Ive just read something about Steph from Hollyoaks having her nose done (can't tell the difference) and Mutya ex-Sugababe having boob and bum job...her bum is like a shelf, weird!

  5. Thanks for your comments:) I'm glad you all seem to have the same viewpoint as I do.
    I think it's such a shame that some people, such as Heidi and Jordan, take it too far and end up looking worse.

    But also, I think when we see celebrities having all this surgery done, we sometimes think that's how we should look too. xx

  6. @ Lucy - I couldn't tell the difference between the before and after photos of Steph from Hollyoaks either. And the same for Mercedes after she had lipo!xx


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