Friday, 24 September 2010

Eye Eye

My quest for the perfect eye cream continues…I’d been using the Ren one I blogged about back in June, ran out and decided to find a cheaper alternative to see if you really have to pay the price for a decent eye cream.

So, this isn’t an amazing comparison because I’ve only sampled one cheaper eye cream but hey ho, it’s enough for me to decide straight away.
The eye cream in question is Garnier Youthful Radiance Multi-Active Eye Care which I paid £6 for on a Boots special (2 for £12 – my boyfriend is trying out the Garnier eye roll on which he calls “eye bag cream”).

Photo (from Feel

The texture is creamy and fairly light but I’m not keen on the greasy texture although once it’s around my eyes, it does absorb well. However, I’ve been using the eye cream for about a week and I really don’t think it does anything to reduce dark circles or tighten the delicate eye area. And silly me, I forgot to read the ingredients and later noticed the eye cream contains liquid paraffin which is one of skin’s worst nightmares. Oops.

I’m not overly impressed but perhaps because I’m used to more expensive eye creams, I was expecting the same results. I’m thinking of trying a mid-range eye cream next, around £15 to see how this compares. This is exhausting!

Does anyone have any good eye creams for me to try? I like ones that hydrate, help to prevent fine lines and if possible, give that taught feeling. Not asking for much!!



  1. Thanks Laura. I've used to use Clarins for years but I swear my skin got used to it! Which one do you use? xx


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