Monday, 19 July 2010

MAC Studio Fix Powder

A few weeks ago my Chanel compact, which was on it's last legs admittedly, decided to break. Not only did it decide to break but it decided to explode in my Marc Jacobs. I must've really annoyed it. Maybe it overhead me talking about a replacement and decided to seek revenge.

So, I've been powderless since then. In normal English weather i.e cold and rain this would be fine but recently, we've been experiencing abnormally gorgeous and sunny weather. I believe many people from warmer climes call this summer?! This is great for feeling happy and getting a tan but not so great for oily combination skins. Cue shiny skin and not in a lovely dewy way :(

I was meeting my friend for dinner in the Mailbox so I decided to pop into Harvey Nics first. The MAC counter is so much nicer than the one in Selfridges. Everything is neat and tidy and the MUA are so lovely. I find the MUA in Selfridges can sometimes be a bit dimissive and often too busy too help. The MUA in Harvey Nics recommended MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation and applied NW25 to my skin. The powder was exactly what I was looking for; light enough to not make my skin look clogged and heavy but with enough coverage to hide uneven bits and the oily T-zone area.

(Photo from the MAC website

I've been using the powder for a couple of days and I'd give it a big thumbs up with recommendation for those with oily to combination skin or for those looking for a little more coverage than a regular pressed powder.


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