Tuesday, 30 March 2010

15. Fake It

Hmm, I found myself going shopping again. God knows what for, I seem to make an excuse to go shopping out of anything! This was an important shop though because I'd run out of false tan for my face. This is enough to stop traffic in my world.

My tan of choice? Clarins Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint which I've been using since it came out a few years ago. It costs around £16 and mine has lasted 8 months using it every other day. But bad news.....Clarins are discontinuing this product! I'm so annoyed so I bought two to last me :( Apparently they're bringing out a mousse instead in April so I'll have to see if that compares. Humph.

Applied with cotton wool, the tan is a dark liquid so you can see exactly where it's going which means no streaks or dodgy white bits you've missed. It soaks into my skin quite quickly so I don't need to worry about tanning my pillow too! And it doesn't have the usual biscuity false tan smell. The colour is fairly dark so I wouldn't advise fair skinned ladies to try this (Clarins Liquid Bronze would be better) but it doesn't clog your pores or get caught up in your hairline.

I couldn't recommend this enough and stocks are depleting! I use Fake Bake on my body (the best body tanner IMHO) which I used to use on my face but it would give me false tan blackheads (eugh) and it felt so greasy and sticky that I would never do that again. And as the weather is getting a bit more Spring like, there's no excuse not to start whipping out the false tan (I'm such a hypocrite, I use false tan all year round!).

Do you have any great facial tanners that I can try when I've run out?



  1. I've never used those tanning lotions since I'm naturally tan but for some odd reason I've always wanted to try those. Weird, I know.

    This tint looks good and my sister might want to try it. Thanks for sharing!:D

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  2. I have this and really like it in the summer as it does go dark on me but a great colour. Cant beieve they are discontinuing it - will have to get nother to put away.

  3. @Happy1234 - I know! I have no idea why they're discontinuing it either because it's perfect. I could understand if there was something wrong with it..grr xx

  4. I cannot believe this product is being discontinued!! Have been using for ages and will be gutted when I can't buy it anymore. I need to stock up as a matter of urgency!! xx


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