Friday, 12 March 2010

11. Trashy TV

Does anyone else love trashy TV? I'm thinking Katie Price, Snog, Marry, Avoid? and Extreme Makeover to name a few. Some evenings, there's nothing I enjoy more than sitting down with a suitably sugary snack (Custard Creams being my number one choice, closely followed by Galaxy chocolate but it must be smooth oh or Wine Gums) and watching back to back trash that I've Sky-Plussed.

What do I learn from these programmes? Well, not a lot really but after a long day at work, I think a girl needs to switch off and enjoy some easy entertainment.

One of my favourite trashy programmes is Hotter Than My Daughter on BBC Three hosted by ex Atomic Kitten, Liz McClarnon. The gist of the programme is that the mother, who has usually had her daughter quite young, dresses way too young for her age and will often go on nights out with her daughter and attracts more attention but not in a good way. It's hilarious but of course the daughter hates her mother's "fashion sense" and finds it all incredibly embarassing. One mother was wearing an outfit which wouldn't have looked out of place at Spearmint Rhino. The boob and leg rule goes out the window in this programme!

What are your favourite trashy programmes? I'm always looking to add more to my Sky Plus list!



  1. Katie and Snog Marry Avoid are my favourite too, but Jersey Shore on MTV is quite funny it's lots of young latin boys and girls basically getting drunk and doing stupid stuff - love it! x

  2. @Charlee - I watched a bit of Jersey Shore last week and couldn't get my head around it. All they do is go out, get drunk and get off with each other - strangely addictive!! xx


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